3GT Opening Planned Nov 8-10!!

Thank you for your patience and understanding that we are just getting our gun shop up and running.

It’s taken a lot of work to get to this, point, and although we are not completely finished yet, we are fully licensed and are ready to open!

It’s amazing how many challenges there are regarding opening a gun shop…

From licensing and regulatory requirements, to having a reasonable shop fit, to having a selection of gear that appeals to most people!

Getting the amazing Atlas and PT guns from the US is challenging, with US and Aust regulations, but we are getting it done.

We have great support from major suppliers, including NIOA and Outdoor Sporting agencies, Kahles Optics, Tasco and many more, so there isn’t anything that we can’t get!!!

We’re just starting out, so as we grow, our store will improve, so we are excited to go on the growth story with you – our valued customers.

Please send an email or call!!!

Look forward to showing you around soon!




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