1911/2011 9mm COOLFIRE Dry fire training System




The CoolFire Trainer is a revolutionary firearms training system that utilizes CO2 and an integrated laser to convert a standard pistol (your pistol) into an effective firearms training tool.

Just replace the barrel and recoil spring in a standard handgun with the CoolFire “barrel” and recoil spring, fill with CO2 gas and start dry fire!!!

Train at a fraction of the cost of using live ammo.

Maintain and Enhance your firearms skills while saving money and conserving ammunition. Reliable – Robust design for repetitive, long-term use.

The CoolFire Laser Recoil system is offered to the civilian, law enforcement and military markets.

Each CoolFire System includes:
  • A CO2 powered CoolFire Trainer barrel replacement for your model,
  • A recoil spring and/or rod that replaces your gun’s recoil system,
  • 2 slide release inserts for your gun’s magazine to prevent slide lock,
  • 2 spare striker tips, grease, hex key for adjustment or purging.
  • A Soda Stream or Paint Ball bottle refill adapter.
Possibly pictured but NOT included in base price:

A CO2 charging station, high capacity adapter, or laser (available separately).

Pictured Reflective Targets (3-Pack) are included with any visible red laser and can be purchased separately.
Interactive Laser training targets

Firearm NOT included.


1911, 2011


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