Cool Fire Trainer


Each CoolFire Recoil System consists of:
  • An air barrel that replaces your gun’s barrel during CoolFire training,
  • A recoil spring that replaces your gun’s recoil spring,
  • 2 slide release inserts for your gun’s magazine to prevent slide lock,
  • A charging adapter that is used to charge the air barrel. Tanks are available separately from CoolFire or may be obtained by the user),

**Price for basic system…  2011 platform guns are $149 extra.

Pictured Reflective Targets (3-Pack) are included with any variation of the visible red laser and can be purchased separately here.

CoolFire Recoil Systems are currently available for models shown below.

Don’t see your model? Click here to tell us what model you would like developed.

* Note: Gun Not Included.

* Patent Pending


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