ELEY contact Subsonic semi-automatic .22LR


ELEY contact overview

ELEY contact is a subsonic semi-automatic .22LR round designed to deliver extreme accuracy and improved knock-down performance with a softer sound and minimal recoil.

The reduced recoil delivers quicker sight picture recovery important for the competitive semi-automatic shooter.

Both ELEY force and ELEY contact are engineered with a heavier 42 grain bullet for high energy and are coated in a specially formulated paraffin wax to minimise build-up in actions and magazines.

Eley….ammunition supplier of Olympic and World Champions also makes ammunition for the rest of us that hunt, shoot for recreation, and maybe even do a little competition shooting on the weekends. Contact is one of the most recent Eley products to hit the US market. This subsonic load was purpose built specifically for reliable function in semi-auto firearms at subsonic velocities. The ammunition is manufactured by Eley in Birmingham, England and imported by Eley USA.

Contact features a heavier than standard 42 grain round nose bullet that has been coated in a special wax to minimize bullet lube buildup in semi-auto magazines and actions. Contact is a premium priced target load