The GEPPERT HINGE Trigger is widely regarded as the most precise and accurate trigger available for 1911 & 2011 handguns.

Completely adjustable length of pull and weight by the user.

This break point of the GEPPERT HINGE Trigger is particularly well suited for precision shooting, espcially for dynamic disciplines such as IPSC, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, USPSA and other forms of practical shooting sports.

Explanation of the GEPPERT HINGE Trigger:

A standard 1911 trigger is like a two stage. All of the take up and pre-travel is the first stage. The second stage is the wall, or the stack. This is when the sear actually moves off the hammer hooks.

With the GEPPERT HINGE Trigger, all of the take up and pretravel is gone.  Moving the trigger, moves the sear.

The second stage of a standard trigger pull is then split into two stages. The sear moving 75% off the hammer hooks is the first stage, the trigger his the plunger, additional trigger pressure is applied and the sear moves the final 25% and drops the hammer.
The trigger resets once it moves all the way forward, however in it’s forward most position it is still in contact with the sear.

The GEPPERT HINGE Trigger at a glance

• Individually adjustable break point – without removing the deduction system

• Can be used for precise and / or dynamic shooting

• Reduce the trigger weight without cutting the notches

The installation and adjustment of the GEPPERT HINGE Trigger should be performed by a qualified gunsmith.


1911, 2011


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