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Hornady Shell Holders #5 390545 are made by taking machined steel and heating it so that it performs flawlessly for the life of the press. The Shell Holder #5 by Hornady has the ability to work with most of the Hornady Gunsmith and Reloading Equipment available. Hornady Steel Shell Holders work with most other reloading presses, and are used for 257 Weatherby Mags, 6.5 Remington Mags, 264 Winchester Mags, 270 Weatherby Mags, 7MM Remington Mags, 7.61 S&Hs, 300 Winchester Mags, 308 Norma Mags, 8MM Remington Mags, 58 Norma Mags, 375 H & Hs, 450 Marlins, and 458 Lotts. This Gunsmith and Reloading Equipment is critical gear for any hand-loader.


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