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K15i 1-5 x 24mm with G4B Reticle – FAST TARGETING – ULTRA WIDE FIELD OF VIEW

The KAHLES K15i delivers unmatched optical performance. With the largest field of view, eye box, clearest image edge to edge, true daytime illumination, and a variety of unique and innovative reticles, the K15i is in a class of its own.

Integrated magnification throw lever allows for instant magnification changes even in the most adverse environmental conditions. The K15i, like all KAHLES rifle scopes, provides mechanical durability, accuracy, and repeatability that are second to none. When failure is not an option and ultimate performance is a must, choose the KAHLES K15i, as this is the most advanced low power variable scope ever produced! Don’t take our word for it.

See why many Pro-Series 3-Gun competitors choose the KAHLES K15i.

KAHLES AMV coatings:
Optimized KAHLES AMV coatings realize nearly loss-free transmission in the critical spectral range of light (about 520 nanometers). This allows to extract the very smallest reserves of light during the lowest light shooting conditions.

Complex optical designs:
Complex optical designs with up to four objective lenses creates an unprecedented distortion-free image with an extremely wide, edge-defined field-of-view.

Extremely durable housing machined by state-of-the art production methods from a single piece of high-grade aluminium.

Adjustment Mechanism:
Extremely precise adjustment mechanism creates absolute repeatability.

Wide angle ocular with safe eye relief optimized for excellent viewing comfort and quick acquisition.

Specifications : KAHLES K15i 1-5×24 G4B

Magnification : 1-5
Obj – lens diameter : 24 mm
Field of view : 42.3 – 8.0 m/100m
Eye relief : 95 mm
Diopter compensation : +2/-3,5 dpt
Parallax compensation : – m
Impact corr. per click : 10 mm/100m
Elevation/Windage : 2.2 m/100m
Tube diameter : 30 mm
Length : 278 mm
Weight : 500 g
Recticle 2. focal G4B
Illuminated : Yes


1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Ticket 1, Ticket 10, Ticket 11, Ticket 12, Ticket 13, Ticket 14, Ticket 15, Ticket 16, Ticket 2, Ticket 3, Ticket 4, Ticket 5, Ticket 6, Ticket 7, Ticket 8, Ticket 9, Ticket A1, Ticket A2, Ticket A3, Ticket A4, Ticket A5, Ticket A6, Ticket A7, Ticket A8, Ticket A9, Ticket B10, Ticket B11, Ticket B12, Ticket B13, Ticket B14, Ticket B15, Ticket B16, Ticket B17, Ticket B18, Ticket B19, Ticket C20, Ticket C21, Ticket C22, Ticket C23, Ticket C24, Ticket C25, Ticket C26, Ticket C27, Ticket C28, Ticket C29, Ticket D30, Ticket D31, Ticket D32, Ticket D33, Ticket D34, Ticket D35, Ticket D36, Ticket D37, Ticket D38, Ticket D39, Ticket E40, Ticket E41, Ticket E42, Ticket E43, Ticket E44, Ticket E45, Ticket E46, Ticket E47, Ticket E48, Ticket E49, Ticket F50, Ticket F51, Ticket F52, Ticket F53, Ticket F54, Ticket F55, Ticket F56, Ticket F57, Ticket F58, Ticket F59, Ticket G60, Ticket G61, Ticket G62, Ticket G63, Ticket G64, Ticket G65, Ticket G66, Ticket G67, Ticket G68, Ticket G69, Ticket H70, Ticket H71, Ticket H72, Ticket H73, Ticket H74, Ticket H75, Ticket H76, Ticket H77, Ticket H78, Ticket H79, Ticket I80, Ticket I81, Ticket I82, Ticket I83, Ticket I84, Ticket I85, Ticket I86, Ticket I87, Ticket I88, Ticket I89, Ticket J90, Ticket J91, Ticket J92, Ticket J93, Ticket J94, Ticket J95, Ticket J96, Ticket J97, Ticket J98, Ticket J99, Ticket x100


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