Robinson Armament XCR-M

The XCR was designed from the ground up to be more reliable than Stoner based systems such as the AR15, M16, M4, AR10 and others. Internally, the XCR is designed more like the Kalashnikov AK47 with its friction less, heavy-duty, piston-driven bolt, powerful extractor and solid ejector.

Designed specifically for the most demanding military, law enforcement, and serious users, the XCR offers a level of reliability offered by few other rifles.

The XCR is the most ergonomic rifle available.

Professional users report that the XCR has the fastest magazine change and clearing times of any rifle.

Many rifles claim to be modular weapon systems just because they have a M1913 standard rail system used to attach accessories. The XCR is truly modular.

Armorers who are familiar with the XCR find it the easiest rifle to inspect, maintain, and service resulting in lower overall maintenance costs.


** This is a Category D Firearm and requires a Home Affairs (AG Permit) Approval BEFORE import.




12", 14.7 Heavy, 14.7" Light, Micro 9.5



Muzzle Device

M FH 9.6, M MB2 9.6, M MB3 9.6


Black, FDE, Olive Drab

Upper Length

Micro, Mini

Upper Type



Mini Keymod BLK, Mini Keymod Buried BLK


Pistol Cap BLK, Tailhook BLK


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