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STI DVC - L Island Black (Ex-Demo) 9mm

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This ex-demo STI DVC Limited has seen less than 600 rounds.  The trigger will be upgraded to the excellent Geppert Vario adjustable trigger – we have several different sized trigger shoes for you to choose from.

Comes with 2 x 126mm base pads, which include EFI Base Pads.

The DVC Limited represents the latest custom quality innovations in STI design. Performance minded slide cuts enhance slide control, minimize forward recoil, and increase cycle rate. Added slide porting on the top and sides controls muzzle jump, and blends well with the overall DVC Limited appearance. The 5-inch bull barrel is finished with Titanium Nitride for wear resistance and improved lubricity. Responsive handling and control is had by way of specialty texturing done by Extreme Shooters to give the shooter enhanced grip and improved ergonomics. The sights are designed for quick reads and can be easily adjusted.


  • Black DLC 5-inch  BBL
  • New 2.5 lb Trigger; New Sear and Hammer
  • New Slide Cuts and Dust Cover Cuts; Lighter Slide for Less Forward Recoil
  • Hard Chrome Finish
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight and Adjustable Rear
  • Employs Dawson Precision Tool Less Guide Rod
  • New Standard in Limited Division and Fits in IPSC Box for International Competition
  • Comes with 2 Magazines


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