3GT is an Australian private company providing professional training & instruction for Police, Military, Security and Competitive shooters that is otherwise unavailable in Australia.

We have partnered with some of the worlds best firearms and shooting instructors to prepare fully tailored, professional training programs for Australian Police, Military and Security personnel that are tax deductable*.

Who are our courses for??

  • Police: get valuable time on range to increase weapon confidence & capabilities.
  • Military: refine and master fundamental skills then reinforce with stressed drills.
  • Security: learn lifesaving skills and techniques.
  • Competitive: Learn speed & accuracy from IPSC, Steel Challenge & 3 Gun World Champions.
  • Recreational & New shooters: Learn & practice essential fundamental skills & capabilities.

Our comprehensive courses include detailed instruction, training and drills with handguns and semi-automatic (AR style) rifles with high quality optics (all provided), 1500 rounds of ammunition to be used in training drills, exercises and competitions as part of your courses.

Techniques and principles are applicable across any handgun or rifle, so regardless of service equipment, we are certain that after a week with 3GT, you will be more confident, accurate and capable with any firearm and Standard Operating Procedures.


To celebrate the launch of our new programs, 3GT are offering a once off special…  If you book and pay a refundable deposit for any course in 2018, before 8pm May 20th, 2018, you will only pay 55% off the normal price.

For June & July 2018 only, we have secured $2999 inc GST. 

From August 2018, this course will be $5499 inc GST.

3GT have structured a special introductory offer with sponsors & partners in the US to enable us to cover the costs of flights, accommodation and transfers, so that we can get your input on developing the best training programs available.

This is only available to the first 50 applicants

What’s Included? (prices are subject to change until confirmed from 3rd party providers)

  • accommodation, transfers from Las Vegas, meals, etc
  • Handgun, AR 15 platform rifle, belt, holster, magazines etc
  • 1500 rounds of ammo (1000 x 9mm and 500 x 223)
  • Hands on training by World Champion IPSC & 3-gun, Military & Police firearms instructors
  • Student to Instructor ratio of 5:1 or less with max class size of 30 people.

You will only need to arrange your own flights to arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada by 1400 hrs on June 3rd 2018 as 3GT will provide group transportation for all course participants to St George, Utah on that date, as well as providing daily transport to and from our training facilities.

The indicative itinerary is as follows….

Day 1: Mon June 4th

0600 Hrs to 1100 hrs

  • Waivers, Rules, Safety briefing etc.
  • introduction to firearms & equipment used on course
  • Gear up and acclimatise to shooting on range – instructors observe safety etc
  • 4 stage, 2 gun match to set baseline skills & competencies of students

1600 to 1900 Hrs

  • Review of results & feedback from observers
  • Start Handgun Mastery Program
  • Technique instruction
  • Drills, recap & follow through.

Team Dinner at house or eatery with Instructors (if available).

Day 2 Tues June 5th

0600 Hrs to 1100 hrs & 1600 to 1900: Handgun Mastery program

Day 3 Wed June 6th

0600 Hrs to 1100 hrs: Handgun Mastery program

1600 to 1900 Hrs: Condensed Carbine Mastery

Day 4: Thurs June 7th

0600 Hrs to 1100 hrs: Carbine Mastery

1600 to 1900 Hrs: Summary & recap – practise & implement learnings from last 4 days.

Day 5: Fri June 8th

0600 Hrs to 1100 hrs: 6 stages of stressed shooting situations – match with par times

1600 to 1900 Hrs: Recap & review stressed shooting results & work though reimplementing what improvements could be made.  Drills and instruction to review & practise errors and mistakes.

Day 6: Sat June 9th

0600 to 1100 Hrs: Different 6 stage, 2 gun match.

1600 to 1900 Hrs: Recap & review stressed shooting results & work though reimplementing what improvements could be made.

Presentations, gradings, certificates followed by Group dinner: thanks to instructors etc.

Day 7: Sun June 10th

Depart St George to return home.

12 months interest free finance may be available.  To get more info or apply, please contact adam@3gt.com.au

Looking forward to shooting with you soon…

Adam Quinn



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