Warwick Firearms WFA1L Thoughts from field testing

We asked Shane to take out the new Warwick Firearms WFA1-L for a bit of field test.  Shane is a very experienced hunter and shooter, being one of the senior guys/instructors at SSAA’s Conservation & Wildlife Management group, so he’s certainly a good guy to get thoughts from.

We put a Holosun HS515CU on the rail and threw it in the provided plastic hard case.  We could have given Shane an overview and instructions, but where’s the fun in that!!!!  The dot can be switched to manual, to prevent the changing brightness – it’s actually very adjustable.

Neither 3GT or WFA paid for the review.  All ammo was provided by the shooters and were factory loads.

Notes below were learnt over approximately 150 rounds, and observing 15 people unfamiliar with the action. Keep in mind all testers were from a hunting background (including the testers on the range not involved with CWM).

Pros of the combination

  • Well made. Machining is excellent.
  • Lots of comments on how “cool” it looks.
  • Cheaply available magazines – Magpul
  • Ability to utilise 15 round magazines legally in QLD.
  • Very easy to field strip.
  • It was very easy to clean; indicating well machined/polished parts.
  • Ability to easily attach accessories via keymod/m-lok
  • Holosun sight is solar powered, meaning no need for spare batteries. Lots of comments from testers stating they liked this feature.
  • Would be very tough & durable in the field. I can’t imagine anything breaking on it from being knocked around. The safety might be an exception, but it is ambi; so you could use the other side if you snapped one side off.


  • The sight height over bore may cause issues for untrained shooters at shot distances, without any HOB compensation.  Learning to use the sub-tension marks would help with this.
    • A 100M zero sees a shot fall approximately 3 inches low at 25M (half a SSAA 6 six-pack target); this would easily equate to a miss on small game at close range.
    • A 25M zero sees a shot at 100M land approximate 1ft high (12 inches). Easily a miss on large game if the rifle is zeroed for short range.
    • Therefore, the rifle should be matched with a BDC or sub-tension reticle and training to be used effectively hunting or target shooting where both short (25-50M) and medium range (100-300M) targets are likely.
  • On initial use, with the standard charging handle, it is difficult to cycle the firearm and keep the dot on target for fast follow up shots.  Ed: This can be improved with technique
  • Customers using Holosun sight will need to be informed about auto/manual modes for dot. Auto is borderline unusable in areas of shade shooting towards bright areas. Click HERE for a video to demonstrate how it was slowing down testers.
  • Only really suitable for very specific hunting situations. Would be suited to close/fast targets. This would be mostly pigs in QLD, but 223 would be considered a light round in these circumstances. (Ed: comes in 300Blk too).
    • Could also potentially be used for longer engagements, but would need a separate sight, and/or BDC reticle and training to effectively move between short and medium range targets.  Perhaps a 3-9 on top and a dot on a 45 degree mount for close shots.


  • The bolt is able to be put in the firearm 180 degrees reversed so that the ejector ejects spent cases into the receiver; vs out the ejection port – be mindful of inserting correctly
  • “Riding” the bolt forward often leads to the round not going into battery.
  • Lowering the buffer spring tension often results in rounds not being stripped from the magazine under spring tension
  • Magpul mags seemed to feed better and be easier to load than the supplied magazine (I am a little biased towards Magpul though).
  • Connectors are available for magpul mags to connect two together.
  • Would like to see an adjustable stock from factory. Length of pull was short for average size people.
  • Hitting the left-hand AR style bolt release with the base of your palm; sees the left-hand charging handle hit your hand on close. Not the best technique, but a common one.


Available at the following link:


Thanks again for letting us try it out. Great day.






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